Each day, EVERY DAY, we demonstrate good work habits and values. Each day, EVERY DAY, we give a full day’s work for a full day’s pay. Each day, EVERY DAY, we conduct our work schedules and our business dealings with total honesty and absolute integrity


Honesty, Integrity, Hard work, Professionalism, Dedication, Perfection and Solid Committment Is our way of life

We are one of the few companies providing IT Services in various fields like Data Conversion, Medical Transcription, Auto-Cad AM/FM, XML developments and Software Developments .

Acme does it’s very best to instill honesty and integrity into every business relationship.

Honesty, integrity, diligence and hard work are the bedrock of our success. Every professional at Acme Data Services is dedicated to those values.

We producetimely and accurate Solutions.

We provide exceptional customer service. We are always totally honest with our customers. We never mislead a customer; instead, we do whatever it takes to understand their needs and to respond to their concerns in a timely and professional manner.

We are committed to quality. We guarantee customer satisfaction, and back all of our sales with responsive and responsible customer service.

We deliver all of our products and services on time – EVERY TIME. We fulfill our Mission. We set high standards of production and require each inmate to meet those standards; and we require all of our inmates to perform their duties in an ethical and professional manner at all times. We lead by example.

We understand that hard work, honesty, and integrity are key factors for success in the private sector work force; therefore, we are always conscientious of the example we set.


Acme Data Services is an IT enabled service company. Services that we provide:

  1. Data Conversion
  2. Medical Transcription
  3. Auto-Cad Applications
  4. XML Developments

Services in brief

Data Conversion Center

Dadatabase conversion & DTD Design Type Document for SGML, HTML & XML formats. Service – 99.995% accurate Data Entry, Coding, Marking, Tagging, OCR, Scanning. Database Software – Lang C and C++.

Medical Transcription Center

Medical Trasncription with 98.5% accuracy, Free cutomised software-Search transcribed database with patients name, symptoms, prescription..etc in it and you get all results that best fits your query.

Auto-Cad Applications Center

Auto Cad & AM/FM Services-GIS, Agricultural, Insurance, Defence, Forestry, Telecom, Water utility, Electric, Gas, Civil Eng. Data models. 100% Graphic Integrity & Logical accuracy, Low Conversion COST

XML Developments Center

100% free consultancy services-Developing SGML & XML DTD’s, conversion specification, software for processing, debugging, validity checks. Data Entry, Coding, Tagging, Marking Database to XML & SGML.

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